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Court of South Africa refused Westinghouse appeal to repeat steam generators bid

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 29.03.2015

The High Court of Johannesburg refused to satisfy the Westinghouse's appeal to repeat the bid for selection of contractor for the replacement of six steam generators at Koeberg nuclear power plant in South Africa.

The justification of the decision will be published next week.

The conflict around the results of the bid broke out in August 2014, when it was declared the victory of the AREVA.

The American company, who considered itself a favorite, does not accept its defeat and tries to seek a review of the results or the appointment of a new bid.

Two units of Koeberg NPP were commissioned in 1984-1985. The life prolongation for African units will not be possible without replacement of the steam generators, as original equipment susceptible to corrosion.

In addition to renew, the second reason to replace the steam generators is the plan of the South African nuclear scientists to boost the power of both units by approximately 100 MWe each.

The design power of the units built by the French three-loop project CP1, is 921 MWe, currently they are working on a 930 MWe.

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