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Siegfried Hecker: we are doomed to cooperate

When I look at the past, I have always thought that cooperation was extremely important...

LEU for U.S. tritium: rethinking agreements

The threat of the LEU shortages for tritium production could push the United States not to revise but to rethink international agreements involving the United States, which are imposing restrictions on the use of enriched uranium produced using imported technology...

LEU for U.S. tritium: DoE plans

In the near to medium term, the Department of Energy sees three sources of obtaining the LEU for the tritium producing...

LEU for U.S. tritium: enrichment plants in the USA

Thus, none of the enrichment plants operating or planned for construction in the United States will be able to produce the non-obligated LEU...

LEU for U.S. tritium: HEU and LEU for military

San Onofre Infantile Disorder

Uncertain World: Vice President Biden reconnaissance visit to Moscow

U.S.-Russian reset: a house built on sand

Hero of the day

Matthew Bunn: we can still work together

Matthew Bunn: we can still work together

I think the fact that the world's two largest nuclear complexes are proceeding in total isolation from each other is a danger to each of us and a danger to the rest of the world as well. And we have to find the way to fix it.


Amparo Gonzalez Espartero

Amparo Gonzalez Espartero
We are dealing with the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle until spent fuel is declared as a waste, covering storage options, reprocessing and recycling, transportation of nuclear materials and advanced fuel cycles related to Generation IV reactors.


Chirayu Batra

Chirayu Batra
If you have a thousand engineers without a leader I am not sure you can build something. If you have a thousand leaders with no engineers the result would be the same. That is why we need both types of skill.


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