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In 2022, the first Russian NPP power block running fully on renewable fuel is to be launched

In 2022, the 4th power block of the Beloyarsk NPP with a BN-800 fast-neutron reactor will be the first one in the history of our country to fully switch to uranium- plutonium MOX fuel...

Fast, thermal, dry, wet - notes of the eyewitness

At the end of November the second international scientific-technical conference on the theme Development of nuclear power on the basis of closed nuclear fuel cycle (NFC) with fast neutron reactors was held under the aegis Rosenergoatom...

Five truths and untruths of Kirienko-Bodman Statement

Is it true that signing of Kirienko - Bodman joint statement is the successful for Russian energy nuclear complex?
It isn't true...

Closed or excess

Strictly speaking, Russian atom doesn't need in BN-800 reactor...

Massimo Salvatores: interest to fast reactors in France revives

Vladimir Kagramanian: Breeding Ratio Should Be Cheap

Vladimir Kagramanian: I Feel Pity for the French

To Beat Weapon-Grade Plutonium Into Something?

Hero of the day

Managing Nuclear Knowledge - A Forward Looking Story

Managing Nuclear Knowledge - A Forward Looking Story

Knowledge management came into existence as a new stream in the distinct area of information management at the beginning of the 90-ies. Many believe that the term "knowledge management" has been invented by the consulting community.


William D. Magwood, IV

William D. Magwood, IV
I think our members have understood that one of the biggest issues going forward is making sure that we have a new generation of young people that can take up the work of developing, deploying and operating nuclear facilities in the future.


Alexey Lankevich

Alexey Lankevich
Despite the benefits, small modular reactors also have disadvantages. In this paper we want to highlight and explore how SMRs challenge the existing nonproliferation regime. Finally, we draw conclusions from the analysis.