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Russian Mo-99 to be Supplied to Brazil

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 04.03.2015

In February 2015 JSC Isotope signed a contract with the National Nuclear Energy Commission of Brazil (CNEN) on supplies of the Russian Mo-99.

Before signing the document Rosatom State Corporation delegation carried out an official visit to Brazil and JSC Isotope organized test supplies of Mo-99 produced by SC "SSC RIAR" and SC Karpov IPC. The customer was fully satisfied with the quality of the Russian product.

The contract with CNEN is one of the most important since the beginning of Russian Mo-99 supplies to the international market. According to the document, the volume of Mo-99 delivered to Brazil will range from 120 up to 450 Ci per week. Rosatom has significantly expanded the geography of its radioisotope products supplies while SC "SSC RIAR" got the opportunity to increase its production volume.

Following the results of cooperation the Russian and Brazilian sides may sign a 5-year contract on the supplies of Mo-99 and other isotope products, under the current intergovernmental agreement between two countries.

Due to Rosatom partnership with CNEN, Russia gets broad prospects for further cooperation with Brazil in the sphere of nuclear medicine.

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