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Documentation for regulators on the Sendai nuclear power plant will be ready by the end of March

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 10.02.2015

The Kyushu Electric Power has notified the nuclear regulatory agency (NRA) of Japan that the paperwork required to re-start the Sendai nuclear power plant will be ready by the end of March.

A company representative Akira Nakamura said that the documentation on the first unit will be completed at the end of February, the second at the end of March.

In October-November 2014 the Governor and legislative assembly of Kagoshima prefecture and municipal council of the city of Satsuma-Sendai located near the plant have expressed its support of the return of the plant into operation.

According to the informed sources, which are quoted in the Japanese press, re-commissioning of the plant may occur in June 2015.

The Sendai NPP consists of two units with PWR reactors with a power of 846 MWe each. This is a three-loop reactor project M (provider - MHI).

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