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French units can be operated safely up to 50-60 years - Levi

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 25.01.2015

The nuclear reactors in France are able to work up to 50-60 years, said the President of EDF Jean-Bernard Levy at a hearing in the Senate.

"We are able to provide the necessary conditions for safe operation after 40 years of service," said the manager.

In France it is operated the 58 pressurised water reactors, grouped in 19 nuclear power plants.

The existing reactors are classified into three standardized series: 34 unit with a capacity of 900 MWe, 20 units with a capacity of 1300 MWe and 4 units (project N4) with a capacity of 1500 MWe.

The average age of French units by mid-2014 was more than 29 years.

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