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TVEL Fuel Company and Spanish partners develop cooperation in Decommissioning and Dismantling of nuclear facilities

TVEL, PUBLISHED 27.02.2020

TVEL JSC and Spanish companies ENUSA, ENSA and IDOM have signed the MOU on development of cooperation in Decommissioning & Dismantling of nuclear facilities, as well as in the area of nuclear waste management and related engineering and consulting services.


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Along with that the companies have signed the Roadmap for various projects development in the short run.

The parties agreed to cooperate in different formats in order to offer services the global market.

The documents were signed on behalf of TVEL - by Dmitry Bazhenov, Director for Global Development, on behalf of ENUSA - by Roberto Gonzalez, Director for Business Development and Technology, and Mariano J. Rodriguez, Business Development and Commercial Manager, on behalf of ENSA - by Rafael Trivino, Director General, and by Maria Vega, VP Business Development, on behalf of IDOM - by Xabier Ruiz, Director, Nuclear Services.

"Nuclear facilities decommissioning and dismantling, radioactive waste and spent fuel management along with solving relevant issues of radiation safety represent a challenging task both from the environmental point of view, that is fully in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and in terms of the growing decommissioning market that, as per current forecasts, may exceed EUR 100 billion by 2030."

"Enterprises of TVEL Fuel Company have already gained a vast expertise in accomplishing such complex high tech projects. By means of comprising these expertise and positive references in one integrating entity, we are able to act as a universal subcontractor. Creation of alliances with our partners abroad would enable us not only to enhance our competences, but also to work in the foreign markets in a more efficient manner", Dmitry Bazhenov commented.

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The white paper is available here (bottom left section to download).

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William D. Magwood, IV

William D. Magwood, IV
I think our members have understood that one of the biggest issues going forward is making sure that we have a new generation of young people that can take up the work of developing, deploying and operating nuclear facilities in the future.



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