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NRC published the fourth SER volume for Yucca Mountain

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 25.12.2014

The nuclear regulatory commission (NRC) of the USA has published the fourth volume of the safety evaluation report (SER) for the Yucca Mountain geological repository for SNF and HLW in Nevada.

In the fourth volume it were considered administrative and programmatic requirements to the storage. In general, it was noted that the project fulfills most of the requirements except for certain relating to the ownership of land and water rights.

In particular, it was noted that DOE has not acquired the ownership of land, where it planned to build a storage facility. The land is also not free from various rights, such as the mining rights, the rights-of-way and other rights.

The department has not acquired the water rights to the extent necessary for the operation of the storage.

That was the third published volume of the SER for the Yucca Mountain. The publication of the two last volumes is expected in January 2015.

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