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Luo Qi (CNNC) wins top national scientific award

CNNC, PUBLISHED 09.11.2020

Luo Qi from the Nuclear Power Institute of China - at the Beijing-headquartered China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) - won the prestigious Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation's Award for Scientific and Technological Progress on Nov 3.


Luo Qi from the Nuclear Power Institute of China, photo CNNC

The Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation was established in 1994.

It aims to recognize Chinese scientists who have made outstanding achievements, encourage scientific and technological workers to tackle the world's scientific frontiers, create innovations to meet the nation's needs, promote high-quality economic growth and safeguard the lives and health of the people.

Luo Qi has long been engaged in the design and development of nuclear power reactors and is one of the leaders in the field of nuclear power reactor design technology in China.

He has proposed advanced reactor technology and methods and presided over the completion of China's new generation nuclear power research and development platform.

Luo overcame major technical problems concerning nuclear power system components, completed research into new nuclear power reactor technology and made a systematic and important contribution to the development and level of nuclear power technology in China.

A total of 52 scientists won the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Awards in 2020.

Awards for Scientific and Technological Progress were given to 30 outstanding scientific and technological people, including Luo, who have made major scientific discoveries and technological contributions in fields such as mathematical mechanics, the life sciences and engineering technology.

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Vladimir Kriventsev

Vladimir Kriventsev
The International Atomic Energy Agency brings together the fast reactor and related fuel cycle community and countries and the wider public interested in these technologies by organising the International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles: Sustainable Clean Energy for the Future or FR21.


Vyacheslav Kupriyanov,<br>Victor Murogov

Vyacheslav Kupriyanov,
Victor Murogov

To sum up, we can say that from above we see a set of tasks and areas of activity that must be solved and developed to build the nuclear power of the future, and from below we see an understanding of how it can be done.