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Rostov NPP has obtained a license for the production of medical oxygen

Rosenergoatom, PUBLISHED 14.06.2020

The Industry and Trade Ministry of the Russian Federation has issued a license for the production of pharmaceutical products, according to which the Rostov NPP will be delivering medical oxygen to health care facilities of its region.

The Rostov NPP has strong experience in technical oxygen production. In order to be in a position to work on such production, the company has made several process adjustments. The nuclear power experts from Volgodonsk will be delivering medical oxygen using the plant's nitrogen-oxygen station that has all the necessary equipment and qualified personnel. The maximum capacity of the equipment is 40 cubic meters per hour. This is enough for one lung ventilator to run for around 3 days.

'We are ready to produce medical oxygen based on our nitrogen-oxygen station. However, this is a new area for us, and it requires substantial paperwork. We have obtained a license for the production, storage and sales of compressed medical gases. Once we complete the extension of the chemical workshop lab's accreditation and register oxygen as a pharmaceutical with the Ministry of Health, we will launch the production process', Andrey Salnikov, the director of the Rostov NPP, stressed.

Medical oxygen is used to treat patients with respiratory and circulatory diseases, it is vital for those who undergo treatment at intensive care units as well as during surgeries. Nowadays, this is extremely important for those fighting coronavirus and pneumonia.

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