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The Forum The Cities and Nuclear Technologies was held in Obninsk

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 17.08.2016

The International Forum "The Cities and Nuclear Technologies" was held in Obninsk on July 14-15, 2016, the Press Service of the SSC RF - IPPE reported.

The agenda of the two-day conference was quite busy. The Forum was held in the format of round tables, plenary sessions and was conducted simultaneously in four locations.

Simultaneously at several sites - in the House of Scientists and Administration, in MRRC and "Typhoon" - round table discussions were conducted in parallel, where the strategy of city development was being sharpened.

The representatives of a number of Russian science cities and the "nuclear cities", that are part of the structure of the State Corporation "Rosatom", participated in the discussions of topical issues, and got familiar with the potential of Obninsk .

In the course of the Forum, everyone interested could visit the exhibition of Obninsk leading enterprises' innovations.

Sergey Kirienko, Director General of the State Corporation "Rosatom", visited the Forum on the first day of the Forum work: "Obninsk for Rosatom is the capital of the world atomic energy, this is the place where the World's First Nuclear Power Plant was constructed. In addition, Obninsk is increasingly becoming the key international center for training specialists for the nuclear industry".

"The wealth of the industry is the people who work for it. R&D institutes and educational institutions Obninsk is rich in are the main intellectual potential, which provides both the industry history, and competitiveness on the global market", - he noted.

The highlight of the Forum was the signing of three key documents.

Firstly, the protocol on the establishment of the Nuclear Cluster of Kaluga Region was signed. Along with the State Corporation "Rosatom", about a dozen of major enterprises of the city's research and production complex are involved therein - IPPE, MRRC, Karpov NIFKhI, CICET and a number of science-intensive entities.

Secondly, in the education area, based on Obninsk municipal school No.16 a pilot project on setting up "nuclear" classes under the auspices of the IPPE, Karpov NIFKhI, MRRC and INPE is being launched.

This will provide a personnel base for the Nuclear Cluster. The agreement of the parties was signed at the Forum.

Andrey Goverdovski, Director General of the Institute for Physics and Power Engineering gave a comment on the importance of these decisions: "The Nuclear Cluster in the future means joining efforts. We have a lot of competences in different institutes. Exchanging the tasks with one another and enriching ourselves with knowledge, we can certainly defeat anyone. Move forward, never look back! Therefore the cluster is needed. The agreement on the establishment of "nuclear" classes is of great significance for me. This is a natural continuation of our staff training policy."

And thirdly - the memorandum on the global nuclear power museum in the city of Obninsk was signed by the Administration of Obninsk, the World Association of Nuclear Operators, and the Nuclear Society of Russia. And when combined with inauguration of the monument to the pioneers in nuclear energy, it creates a new trend of the First Science City development.

The photographs have been provided by the SSC RF - IPPE. Click to enlarge.

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