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JSC SSC RIAR and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute signed the Memorandum of Understanding concerning the scientific and technical cooperation


Joint Stock Company "State Scientific Center - Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (JSC "SSC RIAR") and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) signed the Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Scientific and Technical Cooperation.The official signing ceremony was held in Dimitrovgrad on 2 June 2016. Director of RIAR Alexander A.Tuzov and President of KAERI Dr. Jong Kyung KIM affixed their signatures to this document.

Official signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding between JSC "SSC RIAR" and KAERI

The Memorandum of Understanding provides that both RIAR and KAERI (as the pivotal research institutions in the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Korea, respectively which are engaged in research and development in support of sustainable development of nuclear power industry) will focus their joint efforts on planning of joint research and development projects, organization and holding of technical meetings, preparation of joint publications as well as on implementation of joint programs for further development professional competence and expertise.

"The magnitude and level of scientific and technological challenges ached of the global nuclear power industry in the 21st century call for facilitating an international cooperation in science and technology. Knowing that RIAR has unique experimental capabilities and KAERI demonstrates dynamic progressing in the nuclear field as well as taking into account the experience gained through joint research projects, the Memorandum of Understanding endorsed today is meant to provide a sound basis for further development and expansion of our cooperation, - said Director of RIAR, Alexander Tuzov. "RIAR is the major experimental establishment and the largest of its kind in the Russian nuclear power industry and it is open for foreign customers. We have every confidence that new possible long-term contracts for irradiation testing and post-irradiation examinations will be concluded within the framework of undertaken joint projects with our Korean partners".

Dr. Jong Kyung KIM mentioned that the MOU signing has a significant meaning for both organizations and it represents an important step in technical cooperation activities, which will advance the state of our expertise and knowledge regarding nuclear fuel, non-fuel components and structural material for advanced reactors, irradiation and post-irradiation examinations, operation and maintenance of sodium-cooled fast research reactors and nuclear fuel cycle technologies.

Dr. Kim had a chance personally familiarize himself with experimental capabilities of RIAR during his technical tour and visited the high-flux research reactor SM-3 and the world's single currently operating fast reactor BOR-60. Moreover, KAERI's President, Dr. KIM, visited the construction site of Multipurpose Fast Research Reactor MBIR whose construction was launched in September 2015.

Director of JSC "SSC RIAR" Alexander A.Tuzov and President of KAERI Dr. KIM visited the MBIR-reactor construction site

Nowadays RIAR is conducting irradiation testing and some examinations within the framework of several long-term contracts concluded with the partners from the Republic of Korea. In late October 2015 the order portfolio of RIAR was expanded to include the latest contract made with KAERI that is the contract for irradiation of fuel rods in the BOR-60 reactor. The nuclear engineers from Russia and Korea have been discussing another several possible contracts related to irradiation testing and post-irradiation examinations using the experimental facilities of RIAR.

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