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Kursk NPP generates 800 billion kilowatt-hours

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 13.12.2014

The Kursk NPP meets an important milestone. On Saturday at 13:56 MSK the total amount of its electricity production reached a value of 800 billion kilowatt-hours.

This amount of electricity would be enough to provide electricity to the whole of Russia for 9.5 months.

This amount of power transmitted to the grid of the country for the period from the date of commissioning of the first unit of Kursk NPP in December 1976.

This figure is second only to power generation of the Leningrad NPP, which lasts longer than Kursk station.

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Lev Kochetkov

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Whether at once appeared sodium coolant in Russian fast reactors, or sodium has had rivals? What types of fuel have been regarded as a fuel for the fast reactor program, and do we need such a high BG?


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Anatoly Zrodnikov
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Falling Wednesday
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