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Electricity generation in Pyhajoki starts in ten years time

Fennovoima, PUBLISHED 11.12.2014

The Finnish Parliament has voted 115 to 74 in favour of Fennovoima's supplement to the Decision-in-Principle regarding the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Pyhajoki, Finland.

"I want to thank Parliament for the trust they have shown in this important project. The Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant will generate emission-free electricity for Fennovoima's owners at a predictable and reasonable price for decades to come. This large-scale investment will create jobs and give a much-needed boost to the economy", Toni Hemminki, CEO of Fennovoima states.

The Government is requiring Fennovoima to submit a construction licence application to the Government by the end of June, 2015. The plant design work and construction licence application are being prepared together with the plant supplier, Rusatom Overseas.

The significant demand for services created by the project will offer major opportunities for Finnish companies. Work started at Pyhajoki in mid-September with the construction of a new access road. During 2015-2017, extensive infrastructure work will include excavation and earthworks, as well as the construction of auxiliary buildings. The first concrete is scheduled for 2018.

Rusatom Overseas is in final negotiations with main suppliers and contracts are due to be signed by the end of the current year. Next-phase negotiations will begin in early 2015.

Fennovoima's project is being implemented in full compliance with Finnish employment legislation and recognised practices. Fennovoima, Rusatom Overseas, and labour unions have signed a site agreement on common rules for the future construction site. The agreement sets out policies of cooperation; it defines, for instance, supervision of employment terms and ways to prevent black economy.

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