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Russian-French nuclear power declaration has been signed

Communications Department of ROSATOM, PUBLISHED 06.11.2013

The XVIII session of the Russian-French Intergovernmental Commission on the Issues of the Bilateral Cooperation at the level of heads of governments was held on November 1. The session was steered by Chairman of the Government of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault.

At the session the commission discussed areas and prospects of the Russian-French relations. The discussed priority economic topics included issues of the cooperation in energy, space, joint projects in the field of infrastructure, aircraft industry, machine engineering, as well as education and culture.

A number of documents were signed basing on results of the commissions session. In particular, the Russian-French declaration in the field of nuclear power was signed. It points out that both countries in future intend to retain an important place in the energy mix for nuclear power. The parties agreed to jointly act to continuously improve the level of nuclear safety.

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Yanko Yanev

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Unfortunately, we live in this age of narrow political thinking. Each of our politicians think how to survive, whether he will be the next convocation of the parliament or the government or not.


Jacques Repussard

Jacques Repussard
They told me: "Mr Repussard, we're not used to responding to anti-nuclear organisations". To which I replied: "We will not reveal any state or trade secrets, but we will not leave them without any answer".


Alexander Yakovenko

Alexander Yakovenko
We believe that signing and ratifying the CTBT should become an imperative for international relations as it will help strengthen the nuclear nonproliferation regime. It is within our reach to make our world safer.


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