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EU approves new nuclear waste storage regulations

RIA Novosti, PUBLISHED July 20, 2011

The EU Council of Ministers has approved new regulations for nuclear waste management, which allow nuclear waste storage in non-EU countries, including Russia.

Last year, European activists conducted several protests against nuclear waste transportation to Russia and its storage in the country.

The regulations will oblige 14 EU members with nuclear industries to draft and submit until 2015 their long-term nuclear storage plans. The regulations are to come into force in September at the latest.

"With this directive, the EU becomes the most advanced region for the safe management of radioactive waste and spent fuel," Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger said.

Greenpeace criticized the text, saying it puts responsibility for radioactive waste on future generations and allows nuclear waste burial in Russia.

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Alexander Chistozvonov
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Dmitry Kosyrev
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