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WikiLeaks cables claim Iran procures uranium in Latin America

RIA Novosti, PUBLISHED December 06, 2010

Iranian engineers have been actively searching for uranium deposits in Venezuela and Bolivia, among other Latin American countries, since 2006, Mexican media reported citing WikiLeaks.

Secret U.S. diplomatic cables, recently released by WikiLeaks, alleged that at least 57 Iranian specialists visited Venezuela in the past five years to prospect for uranium, needed for Tehran's controversial nuclear program.

WikiLeaks also posted a secret Israeli report, which claims that Venezuela and Bolivia delivered uranium to Iran in exchange for help with their own nuclear programs.

Iran's top nuclear official said in October that the Islamic Republic currently possesses 30 kg of 20 percent-enriched uranium and is continuing to increase its nuclear fuel reserves. He also said the country was seeking to reach self-sufficiency in uranium mining in the next seven-eight years.

The West, led by the United States, suspects Iran of pursuing a secret nuclear weapons program, but the Islamic Republic insists it needs nuclear power solely for civilian purposes.

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Christophe Behar
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Vladimir Rychin
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