France chooses a replacement for Madame Loverzhon

Several French media in late February predicted a swift resignation of the president of AREVA Anne Loverzhon. The atomic group refused to comment on rumors, but in the presidential administration "immediate resignation" refute, writes Figaro.

First reported the resignation Loverzhon website Wansquare. It refers in this case to reliable sources close to the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy. In the president team this news was immediately called the "mistaken", but some observers in the sincerity of denial not believe it.

Sources of "Wansquare" believe that the resignation will be announced at the next meeting of the Supervisory Board following its consideration of the financial activities of AREVA.

Weekly L'Express managed to learn the name of the person who will replace Loverzhon - they allegedly will Pascal Suriss from a large electronics company "Thales Group". A magazine Challenges names of three other candidates - Jean-Pierre Klamade from the company "Rhodia", Marion Gill of INRA and Mireille Faugeres of "Electricite de France".

The current contract Madame Loverzhon was signed in June 2006 for a period of five years. If it is biased in the coming days, as predicted by the press, her contract would be broken early.

Loverzhon resignation as head of the nuclear states is not the first time, but the first time, its threat is so real. The last year brought to AREVA many setbacks and disappointments. In February, Germany's Siemens announced plans to change the partner to withdraw from the joint venture with the French and an alliance with SC Rosatom. Loverzhon have to buy Germany's stake in the company "AREVA NP", for which she will require nearly 2 billion euros.

In the summer the French government tasked the AREVA group to sell thriving control division, which eventually bought "Alstom" and "Schneider". Finally, in December, the UAE authorities named winners in the tender for the right to build four new nuclear power South Korean consortium, rather than the French alliance, led by AREVA.

Worst of all, Loverzhon managed to completely spoil relations with the company EdF. The new president of French Power Henri Proglio has publicly questioned the appropriateness of the AREVA group's existence and offered to divide it by returning to the old scheme with two independent companies, "Framatome" and "COGEMA". In response Loverzhon began the "fuel war" with EdF, and the conflict between nuclear scientists and power engineers had to settle government.

The results are disappointing year for AREVA, and will not be surprising that, if Sarkozy will atomic personnel matters, believed by many French commentators.

SOURCE: AtomInfo.Ru

DATE: April 08, 2010

Topics: Europe, France, AREVA

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