MAYAK general director Vitaly Sadovnikov went into retirement

According to press-center of Rosatom, general director of MAYAK (Russian nuclear reprocessing plant) Vitaly Sadovnikov went into retirement.

Director of plant 156 (one of MAYAK's plant) Sergey Baranov was designated to act as MAYAK general director.

Sergey Baranov was born in 1957 in Sverdlov region. In 1980 he graduated from Uralian Kirov polytechnic institute with specialty- technology of rare elements. In 1991 he graduated F. Dzerzhinsky military academy with specialty - tactical engineering special weapons. He is a doctor of Philosophy in technical science.

In 1980 he was engineer-technologist in VNIPIET (Chelyabinsk region). In 1982-1999 he served in the Army. Since 199 up to now he was director of military plant 156 of PO"MAYAK".

SOURCE: AtomInfo.Ru

DATE: July 12, 2007

Topics: Spent Fuel, Russia

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