Tender on choosing the general contractor for building of the 1st unit Leningrad NPP-2 will be announced in the first quarter of 2008

According to the adviser of Roatom head Igor Knyshev the competition on choosing the general Contractor for construction of the 1st unit of Leningrad NPP-2 (LNPP-2) will be announced in the first quarter, 2008.

He added that now there is a period of obtaining permission for construction of the unit.

"All permissions and licenses are planned to be obtained to the end of year", - Knyshev told to journalists in Friday in St Petersburg.

He also noted that the State ecological expertise of the 1st unit of LNPP-2 is planed in the second half of year, in August- September.

LNPP-2 construction will be realized within the Federal target program for development of nuclear power and industry complex of Russia in 2007-2010 and further up to 2015 with the aim to keep and develop electricity and heat production, including stage by stage replacement of existing power units of LNPP-1.

It is suggested that each of LNPP-2 units will operate at least 50 years, they will generate together 16,8 billion kW(el)*hour and 1,4 million Gcal heat power.

SOURCE: AtomInfo.Ru

DATE: July 10, 2007

Topics: NPP, Russia, Leningrad NPP

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