The 3rd unit of Leningrad NPP will be shut down for half year in connection with capital repair

According to Press center of Leningrad NPP, on July 4 the third unit will be shut down as scheduled in connection with capital repair "with elements of modernization", RBC wrote.

The repair will continue about 180 days. 3 units will operate till autumn. After this since September 1 the second stage of modernization of the 2nd unit should be started, which is planned to complete on October 4, 2007. The 2nd unit will be shut down also for this period. The customers shouldn't feel decrease of power since in this period power consumption decrease is always observed in connection with vacation period and repair period at enterprises.

Besides, the necessary level of power will be provided due to other generating facilities.

SOURCE: AtomInfo.Ru

DATE: July 10, 2007

Topics: NPP, Russia, Leningrad NPP

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