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Small NPP

Nuclear News Ticker - December 26, 2020

Nuclear News Ticker - November 12, 2020

Three operators can manage plants with 12 NuScale reactors

The main nonproliferation and safeguards challenges facing the small modular reactors
In recent years, the not yet very familiar acronym SMR (small modular reactor) has become a new development trend for nuclear power around the world.
The advantages of SMRs are quite obvious - there are fewer requirements to the power systems, in which they will work, lower cost, they can be built much faster, and the whole set of equipment will be manufactured in factory conditions.
Since a fundamental objective for the development of this technology is newcomer countries, the principal requirement for all designs of small modular reactors will be to minimize the potential for proliferation and terrorist activities through proliferation-resistant design approaches in combination with IAEA and other safeguards.
Despite the benefits, small modular reactors also have disadvantages. In this paper we want to highlight and explore how SMRs challenge the existing nonproliferation regime. And how various aspects of SMR designs such as: enrichment, fissile material...

Construction of CAREM25 is suspended

Brazil and USA could cooperate for small reactors - minister

And what has the rabbit thought?
Published project of the economic development of Russia till 2020 - Conception 2020 provides the construction of NPPs of the small and medium capacity for the power supplying to the isolated Russian energy zones and for the developing world economies. Appearance of small and medium - capacity reactors is called one of the indicators of reaching the aims of the state policy in the nuclear industry.
The fact of mentioning of small NPPs in program of the government is gratifying, but the absence of the specifics alerts. However, as a lot of people have noticed, friability and amorphism is characteristics to the whole item of the Conception, devoted to the nuclear energy.
What can be hiding above the restrained comments of the conception and what projects can be realized during the next decade?
According to the IAEA graduation small nuclear energy is the reactors with the maximum capacity of 300 MWe. In Russia by the small NPPs is frequently understood autonomous energy sources with the maximum capacity level of 50-100 MWe.

Hero of the day

Belarusian-1 has been connected to the grid

Belarusian-1 has been connected to the grid

The first kilowatt-hours of electric energy delivered by the Belarus NPP to the unified power grid system is a landmark to manifest the beginning of the nuclear age for the Republic of Belarus.


Vladimir Kriventsev

Vladimir Kriventsev
The International Atomic Energy Agency brings together the fast reactor and related fuel cycle community and countries and the wider public interested in these technologies by organising the International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles: Sustainable Clean Energy for the Future or FR21.


Vyacheslav Kupriyanov,<br>Victor Murogov

Vyacheslav Kupriyanov,
Victor Murogov

To sum up, we can say that from above we see a set of tasks and areas of activity that must be solved and developed to build the nuclear power of the future, and from below we see an understanding of how it can be done.